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AT&T’s distracted driving video hits home

The worst part about “Close to Home” is the tension.

You know there’s going to be a crash but the video does not rush to it. It lets the dread build, to the point that you start wishing for the accident to happen just to get it over with.

You wonder who the victims will be — the school age cyclist from the opening, the young mother and her daughter, the married man talking with his wife, or the hispanohablante who just stepped outside?

By the time the crash happens you’ve stopped expecting it, leaving you with shock at the suddenness of it and horror mirroring that of the observers.

It’s a lot like a real accident, but with a last minute rewind and a reminder that “no post/glance/etc. is worth a life” and a voiceover reminding you that “it can wait”.

The distracted driving video is part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, now in its eight year. The core of the campaign is the pledge. You promise to keep your eyes on the road, not your phone, and then you’re given the option to share it via Facebook or Twitter.

The idea is to prevent accidents like the one from “Close to Home” by encouraging personal responsibility.

So put the phone away, keep your eyes, hands and attention where they belong. It can wait. That’s the admonition. That’s the hope. Drive safely, everyone.

Here’s proof I took the pledge. My hope is you’ll do the same.


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