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Representing seamen in the San Francisco Bay Area in Admiralty and Maritime Law

Friendly, approachable, and competent, Tom Sokat is here to serve victims of accidents on ships, yachts and all maritime vessels in Danville, Pleasanton and the surrounding areas.
There is nothing to lose to call our office to inquire about your maritime accident case, but there might be a lot to lose if you don’t.

When it comes to an injury from a maritime incident on a ship, tug, yacht, barge, offshore oil rig, a vessel collision or other maritime accident, including accidents involved pleasure craft, you need to be represented by someone who knows maritime law and has extensive experience. Tom Sokat has that experience and has achieved notable successes in this field of law.

The field of admiralty and maritime law includes:

  • Injuries to merchant seamen and maritime workers on commercial vessels.
  • Injuries to anyone due to the negligence of others from collisions of vessels of all types, including commercial vessels, pleasure craft, jet skis, tugs, water skiing boats, fishing boats and sailboats.

Commercial vessels include container ships, cargo ships, tugs, barges and fishing boats. Accidents or injuries aboard them may be compensable if due to the negligence of the maritime worker’s employer or the unseaworthiness or dangerous conditions of the vessel on which they were working.

Working on cargo ships can be dangerous. Maritime workers work with heavy machinery and come in contact with slippery decks on a daily basis. When you add to that unpredictable waters due to tides and heavy seas, the risk of negligence and unseaworthiness, it’s clear to see that the job of a maritime worker can be a risky one and injuries and outcomes can be catastrophic.

Things that can damage your injury at sea claim

If you’ve been injured on a ship or at sea no doubt you are confused about what to do next. You’d like to feel you can trust the employer and its insurance company, but as we have seen too many times, workers are taken advantage of.

Don’t hurt your chances of a fair settlement. The following are things you should or should not do.

  • DO see a doctor
  • DO file a maritime accident claim as soon as possible
  • Do NOT give a recorded statement
  • Do NOT sign papers without consulting with a maritime injury lawyer, such as Tom Sokat
  • Do NOT agree to a settlement before talking with a maritime injury attorney
  • Do NOT let an employer pressure you to go back to work before you are ready

There is help available.

Maritime law is complicated and requires the expertise of an experienced maritime attorney such as Tom Sokat with a proven track record of winning cases. We do not  hesitate going after the big shipping companies and corporations and spare no reasonable expense in investigating your maritime accident claim. You  can feel confident in knowing that Tom Sokat is passionate about protecting the rights of injured seamen, longshoremen, fishermen, commercial divers, and their families.

danville personal injury attorneyDon’t delay. Get a maritime law attorney today. If you’ve been injured in a maritime accident on the San Francisco Bay, don’t wait to contact a maritime lawyer, please call Tom Sokat immediately for a free consultation and get the compensation that you need. Tom serves the entire East Bay, including Danville, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Sunol and all points in between and beyond.


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